customized LED Round Screen

customized LED Round Screen LED round screen can be used to show logo, brand and other pictures and videos. It is mainly for outdoor use, with high brightness and high waterproof level. The pixel pitch of Yestec round screen is 4.68mm, 5.92mm an 8mm. The main specification data is ModelC-LOGO4.68C-LOGO5.92C-LOGO8RC-LOGO8O ItemP4.68mm round outdoorP5.92mm round outdoorP8mm round outdoorP8mm Oval outdoor Lamp BeadSMD 1921SMD 1921SMD 3535SMD 3535 Pixel Pitch4.68mm5.92mm8mm8mm Module Size300mm*300mm320mm*320mm320mm*320mm320mm*320mm Module Resolution64*6454*5440*4040*40 Brightness鈮?000cd/m虏鈮?500cd/m虏鈮?500cd/m虏鈮?500cd/m虏 Scan Mode1/8 scanning1/9 scanning1/5 scanning1/5 scanning Refresh Frequency鈮?920Hz鈮?920Hz鈮?920Hz鈮?920Hz Grey Scale16bits16bits16bits16bits View distance鈮?M鈮?M鈮?M鈮?M View Anglehorizontal: 鈮?20 vertical: 鈮?20horizontal: 鈮?20 vertical: 鈮?20horizontal: 鈮?20 vertical: 鈮?20horizontal: 鈮?20 vertical: 鈮?20 End-diameter Size600mm640mm640mm640mm Screen Resolution16384dots/unit11664dots/unit9600dots/unit9600dots/unit Full screen power400W/m虏400W/m虏400W/m虏400W/m虏 Control MethodApp(WIFI)/USB/Cloud PlatformApp(WIFI)/USB/Cloud PlatformApp(WIFI)/USB/Cloud PlatformApp(WIFI)/USB/Cloud Platform MaintenanceFront MaintenanceFront MaintenanceFront MaintenanceFront Maintenance Waterproof LevelIP65IP65IP65IP65 Working VoltageAC 110V/220V 卤10% 50Hz/60HzAC 110V/220V 卤10% 50Hz/60HzAC 110V/220V 卤10% 50Hz/60HzAC 110V/220V 卤10% 50Hz/60Hz Working EnvironmentTemperature:-20鈩冿綖+60鈩? Humidity: 10%-90%Temperature:-20鈩冿綖+60鈩? Humidity: 10%-90%Temperature:-20鈩冿綖+60鈩? Humidity: 10%-90%Temperature:-20鈩冿綖+60鈩? Humidity: 10%-90% Screen Weight鈮?6KG/m虏鈮?6KG/m虏鈮?6KG/m虏鈮?6KG/m虏 Life Scan鈮?00,000hours鈮?00,000hours鈮?00,000hours鈮?00,000hours You may have many questions of the new product. Here are some common FAQs for the reference. What LED screen can be used for shopping malls? Ans: LED screens are extremely common in shopping malls. Shopping centers house many multi-brand commercial facilities that bring people from various goals and locations together. Because of the large number of frequent shopping malls, they are ideal for selling goods and services to these potential customers. However, devices like LED screens that can play interactive content can become a piece of resistance in this situation. They can pique passers-interest by's and curiosity, causing them to visit those establishments or try new items. Can we create our own content to be played in the display? Ans: Yes. You can also create the content yourself and save the cost to create the contents if you have existing 3D content or have the potential to create your own. We do advise us to design your content for best 3D performance, but we are happy to provide you with tips on how best to do it if you would like to create your own content. The importance of visual contents on LED screens Ans: LEDs, powered by high-quality electronic control systems, can reproduce a color palette superior to any other video technology on the market, so vibrant colors in various shades would be truly awesome. Using primary colors in conjunction with large format characters in readable fonts on a uniform backdrop ensures excellent visibility in any weather. The resolution of the file to be viewed is, however, the most critical consideration.customized LED Round Screen website: