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China Chemical Process Pump manufacturers ZA ZE Series Petroleum Chemical Process Pump Standards ISO 13709/APl 610 (OHI) Operating Parameters 鈥?Capacity Q: up to 2600 m3/h (11450gpm) 鈥?Head H: up to 250 m (820 ft) 鈥?Pressure P: up to 2.5 MPa (363 psi) 鈥?Temperature T: -80 to 300掳 c (-112 to 572 掳F) Features 鈥?Standard modularization design. 鈥?The rear pull-out design enables the bearing pedestal including impeller and shaft seal to be removed with the volute casing left in position. 鈥?Shaft sealed by cartridge mechanical seal +API flushing plans. lSO 21049/AP1682 seal chamber accommodates multiple seal types. 鈥?From discharge branch DN 80 (3" ) and above the casings are provided with a double volute. 鈥?Efficient air fins cooled bearing housings. 鈥?High radial load roller bearing. Back-to-back angular contact bearings handle axial loads. 鈥?ZAO open impeller, adjustable bearing the carrier allows for easy impeller clearance adjustment for high hydraulic efficiency, special design for slurry applications. 鈥?GB9113.1-2000 PN 2.5MPa suction and discharge flanges are standard. Other standards may also be required by the user. 鈥?The pump rotation is clockwise when looking from the drive end. 鈥?Jack screws (motor side) for an easier alignment setting. 鈥?Bearing lubrication and cooling options: OIL mist /Fan cooling Choice of Materials 鈥?Carbon steel 鈥?12% chrome 鈥?Austenitic stainless steels 鈥?Duplex stainless steels 鈥?Super duplex stainless steels 鈥?Hastelloy 鈥?Special alloy steels Industrial Applications 鈥?Oil and Gas 鈥?Chemical 鈥?Power plants 鈥?Petrochemical 鈥?Coal chemical industry 鈥?Offshore 鈥?Desalination 鈥?Pulp and Paper 鈥?Water and Wastewater 鈥?Mining 鈥?Cryogenic Engineering 鈥?General industryChina Chemical Process Pump manufacturers website: