An Interview with the Person Who Is Currently Leading the Pack in Path of Exile

Over the course of the past two weeks, the national service POE has been put through its paces, and the editor has recently been immersed in the simplified Chinese version of the road of exile

Over the course of the past two weeks, the national service POE has been put through its paces, and the editor has recently been immersed in the simplified Chinese version of the road of exile. Those who are at the very top of the national service ladder are engaging in fierce competition, and the competition at the higher levels of the national service ladder is also very intense. After this, the editor will take you to an interview with the person who currently holds the highest position on the smoker's ladder.


Editor:Hello there, smoker, and I want to express my gratitude for agreeing to take part in this interview.Please allow me to begin by providing a brief introduction to myself.
Smoker:Hello everyone, I'm a smoker.In the event that I am required to make an introduction, I will say that it is the smoker who is a Douyu anchor. They are a big Player of Thrones fan.


Editor:Why is it commonly referred to as a smoker, especially within the cheap poe orbs context of the rumor?You smoke constantly even when you're competing in games, right?
Smoker:Because I always smoke while I'm playing video games, you could say that I'm a smoker. This is why I consider myself to be a smoker.


When did you first become aware of this game, and when did you begin to take an interest in playing it?The editor is interested in knowing.
Smoker:My introduction to this game came in the year 1773, when I read an article about the open beta testing that was being done on the Taiwan server.After that, I started playing on the Taiwan server, and I've been playing it ever since, right up until the present moment.For my part, I consider the gameplay of this game to be superior to that of Diablo 3, which you can read about here.Fans of the video game Diablo 3, I beg you not to attack me.


Editor:Evaluations of the national service have been carried out for a predetermined amount of time.What are your thoughts on the dilemma that the national service is facing at the moment and how it should be handled?
Smoker:To begin, the picture quality is quite admirable, and both the authentic flavor and the Chinese dubbing are of a very high standard. In addition, the Chinese dubbing is of a very high standard.Tucao, in reference to the binding: the plot binding is unwelcoming to newcomers and imposes an excessive number of restrictions; on the other hand, it is challenging for experienced players to play, and as a result, only a subset of the standard talents and gameplay can be experienced.The enjoyment that can be derived from interacting with the other players is a significant contributor to the overall fun that can be had while playing this game.This weightiness is currently experiencing some relief on the national server, which is a good sign for the future.In the years to come, I am confident that Tencent will achieve even greater success.


Editor:You and I share the same sentiment, and I can promise you that things will be in a much better place once the initial stages are over.How did you construct the very first ladder that any of us have seen so far, and what kind of build did you use?Where can I find the most recent information regarding the advantages of utilizing this Build?
Smoke Ghost: Before I started the server, I made the decision to use the Champion Chaos Bow to upgrade because this Build Chaos Bow ignores counter-injury and the damage is not terrible. I made this decision because the Champion Chaos Bow is superior to the Build Chaos Bow in both of these aspects.Additionally, the Champion upgrade greatly improves the survivability, and in the later stages of the game, high-level Maps are also extremely valuable; however, this Build is not overly picky about the maps it uses.


Xiaobian:Since we have reached level 97 at this point, you should probably try to earn the achievement for reaching level 100, right?How much time do we believe it will take us to complete it?
Smoker:I want to get to level 100 as quickly as possible.Nevertheless, the current national service is a little bit challenging, the map and the currency are both relatively short, and the team is not very stable.It is expected to take somewhere in the range of seven to ten days to complete..


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Editor:If the new Race is offered by the national service, do you plan to take part in it when it becomes available?
Smoker:Even though the new Race offers participants the chance to win some enticing prizes, I don't think that I will be taking part in it just yet.After all, I have a very specific goal, and that's to get to level 100 as quickly as possible.Will give it a shot at a later time, assuming I have the time.


Editor:As the current number one player, many players are interested in hearing your thoughts on how they can hedge their bets. Many players are interested in hearing your thoughts.
Smoker:In point of fact, players of Path of Exile who have been playing for some time should all be aware that the most important thing in leveling is both logical thought and consistent effort. This is because rational thought is the most important factor in determining how fast you level up.Find a fixed team if you can, so that you and your teammates can have a clear division of labor and tacitly cooperate to hedge levels. Additionally, it is best to find a fixed team.Because of this, everything will go off without a hitch.


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Players who are dedicated to playing dark action role-playing games have high hopes for the point of experience (POE) of the national server.In light of the issues that are important to you, what kinds of progress do you envision making to the situation during the subsequent stage?
Smoker:My objective is to improve the gameplay in order to give the player a more fulfilling experience overall.At the moment, there are several Builds, in Path of Exile addition to boxes, that are too stuck.When the door is opened, there is a chance that they will become trapped inside. This occurs on occasion.


Okay, so I have two hopes for you: the first is that the national service will continue to provide you with increasingly valuable experiences, and the second is that you will be able to advance in level as rapidly as is physically possible.Editor: Smoker:
Thank you very much, and it is my sincere hope that the Path of Exile national service will continue to improve over poe currency the course of time, providing players with a gameplay experience that is both less choppy and more faithful to the game's original version.